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Live Runtime Compile (LRC)

Project authors have a simple method to test instances against their definitions. Assume a projects defines a CDA document level template along with other specifications, then using Live Runtime Compile (LRC) allows live creation of a validation runtime package for

  • either downloading it onto a local computer for local validation
  • or uploading a CDA instance an test it against the definitions.

Compiling the Runtime live

You must be a project author and logged in. Then at the project menu choose “Development”. You reach the Development page of your project with two tabs: "Check DECOR" and "Compile a development version". Clicking on the latter you see this dialog.


Click on the bug symbol and if everything is well parametrized the runtime compile is triggered. After a few seconds to minutes you get a new line at the result list. Each row indicates date, status, author and number of transactions of the LRC item. There are buttons to download the validation package to a local computer or to validate an instance live in ART against the recently created validation package. Finally there is an option to delete the recently created validation package. Lrc-itemrow.png

Validation by upload of instances

If you click on the "Validate XML Instance" button you reach the single instance validation area. Lrc-sval.png

You can select an XML instance to upload ("Upload message") and must select a transaction to test against. If you click on validate the results of the schema and Schematron Validation are displayed appropriately. Lrc-results.png

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