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ART-DECOR® is an open-source tool suite that supports the creation and maintenance of HL7 templates, value sets, scenarios and data sets. The tool features cloud-based federated Building Block Repositories (BBR) for Templates and Value Sets. It supports comprehensive collaboration of team members within and between governance groups.


The kernel activities around the tool, concept, methodology, development and practice is done by the ART-DECOR Expert Group.


ART-DECOR® Open Tools is the company that handles commercial aspects of the ART-DECOR® tool suite development and thus complements the ART-DECOR® Expert Group that drives the development.

ART-DECOR® allows separation of concerns and different views on a single common documentation for different domain experts and multidisciplinary stakeholders of healthcare information exchange.

Healthcare Providers, Medical Experts and Researchers


Analysts, Modellers and Template Creators

Vendors and Interface Specialists

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